Proxmox Monitoring Alert Services: il tuo sistema sempre monitorato

Proxmox Server and Cluster always under control.

Miniserver now offers a Proactive Monitoring service designed for Proxmox Servers and Clusters. With nearly 20 years of experience and Proxmox Partner Certification, our expert technicians are ready to constantly monitor the health of Proxmox systems.

This service offers constant monitoring of the health of all the hardware and all the software services that make up the Proxmox system. From Single node to complex Proxmox Clusters.

What the service includes:

  • Proactive monitoring of all hardware systems that make up the cluster.
  • Proactive monitoring of Proxmox VE in Cluster configuration.
  • The monitoring activity is supervised by expert Proxmox VE technicians.
  • Alert service provided by an expert technician via telephone and email.
  • Web dashboard available to the customer to consult the health of the system in real time and historical data.

How the service works:

The Customer will have a convenient graphic dashboard with the status of the monitored devices and a 30-day history.

Monitoring is carried out by our specialized technicians. Reports are made through:

  • Telephone call from a specialized technician.
  • Sending email reporting the problem by a specialized technician.
  • Automatic sending of emails.

Reliability and performance over time

Prevention and Reduction of Downtime: Constant monitoring allows you to identify and anticipate problems and anomalies before they can cause significant disruptions. This significantly reduces downtime, which is critical for maintaining business continuity.

Performance Optimization: Monitoring provides valuable data on system performance, allowing you to optimize resource use. This includes efficiently managing CPU, memory, storage and networking, ensuring the cluster operates at maximum capacity.

Compliance and Reporting: Monitoring helps ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations by providing detailed reports on system health and performance.

Improved Availability and Reliability: A constantly monitored environment is generally more stable and reliable. This is especially important for critical applications and services that require high availability.

Proactive Updates and Maintenance: Monitoring allows you to proactively plan updates and maintenance, avoiding unplanned interventions that can disrupt business operations.

Monitored equipment and systems:

All the hardware that makes up the System or Cluster, i.e., Server (nodes), Switch, Proxmox Backup Server, UPS groups.

Monitoring is performed on all components, hardware and software that make up the Proxmox Cluster. From global system health to single node fan monitoring and backup tasks.

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Description of the Service and Method of Delivery

Personalized Web Panel: We offer our customers an intuitive web panel, through which it is possible to monitor services in real time, guaranteeing complete and immediate control.

Telephone Alert Service: We implement a proactive monitoring system, active during the following times from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:30 and from 14:30 to 18:00, with the exception of public holidays, to guarantee maximum reactivity in case of anomalies or problems.

Automatic Email Notifications: Our platform is configured to send email notifications 24 hours a day, ensuring you are always updated on the status of your services.

Delivery Times

Technical Supervision and Proactive Monitoring: Our team of experts is available for monitoring and assistance from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 13:30 and from 14:30 to 18:00, with the exception of public holidays.

24/7 Automatic Monitoring: The automatic monitoring system is active 24/7.

Web Dashboard Features:

It is designed to provide a complete and detailed view of the health, performance and availability of systems and services within the cluster.


Cluster Overview


  • Cluster Map, Node Status, Switch Status, UPS, etc…
  • Resource Usage: Resource usage graphs for CPU, memory, disk space, and network for each node and for the cluster as a whole.


Performance Monitoring

  • CPU Load: CPU workload graphs per node, with history and peaks.
  • Memory Used: Monitor RAM and swap usage.
  • Disk and I/O: Disk usage statistics, disk health, predictive failure analysis.
  • Network and Switches: Network metrics, NIC health and status, bottlenecks, Switch hardware monitoring
  • LOG Analysis: Analysis of logs generated by devices to identify critical events or alerts.


Status of Services

  • System Services: List of critical system services and their status (active, inactive, in error).
  • Event Log: View recent events, including warnings and critical errors.


Alarms and Notifications

  • Alarm System: Configuration of thresholds to generate alarms in the event of anomalies.
  • Alarm Log: List of active alarms and history of resolved alarms.
  • Notifications: Options to receive notifications via email, SMS or other messaging systems in case of critical events.


Reports and Analysis

  • Reporting: Features to generate periodic reports on system performance and health.
  • Trend Analysis: Analysis tools to identify trends in system performance or potential future problems.


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