Proxmox Cluster Health Check


Problems with your Proxmox Cluster? Discover our specialized consultancy!

Miniserver, leader in the Cluster market in Italy and certified Proxmox partner, now offers a specialized diagnosis service for Proxmox Clusters. With almost 20 years of experience, our experts are ready to assist you, even if the cluster is not of our production. Provide us with the basic information we ask for on this page, which will allow us to quickly send you a personalized quote.

Advantages of the Service:

  • Certified Experience: With nearly two decades of experience and a Proxmox certification, we guarantee an accurate and professional analysis.
  • Customized Approach: Each cluster is unique. Our diagnosis is tailored to your specific needs.
  • Practical and Shared Solutions: We not only identify the problem, but we provide concrete solutions and actively collaborate with you for the best implementation.

Purpose of this service:

  • Problem identification: Through a detailed analysis of the cluster, the service identifies both hardware and software problems, including those related to configuration, performance, and security.
  • solution suggestion: through our experience we will suggest the most specific solutions possible to resolve the problems encountered.

The 3 Step Process:

  • Submitting Cluster Information: Provide the hardware and software details of your cluster. This essential information helps our technicians prepare for an in-depth analysis.
  • In-depth Meeting: A remote meeting (Call or WebMeeting) with our experts allows you to clarify doubts and collect further details. This step is essential for a precise diagnosis.
  • Presentation of Results and Documentation: We conclude with a remote technical meeting where we present the results and recommendations for troubleshooting.
    Service specifications:

This service is ideal for those who experience problems related to the functioning of the Proxmox Cluster and need an in-depth diagnosis from an expert. It is NOT suitable for those requiring technical assistance. We are committed to providing a detailed analysis of the problems encountered and suggestions with the customized solutions we recommend adopting. This service does not provide technical assistance on the systems.

If you purchased your Cluster from us, you will not have to purchase this service as it is already included in the basic service.

To provide the best possible service, please select the items below to allow us to provide you with a quote.

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Our technicians, with over 20 years of experience in the field of complex IT systems, are committed to providing a high quality diagnostic service, offering detailed analysis and expert advice. However, it is important to highlight some crucial aspects of our service:

Diagnostic Service: Despite our high level of expertise and commitment, there are circumstances where we may not be able to fully identify the nature or origin of a specific problem. The technical complexity of systems and configurations can sometimes prevent a complete understanding of the problem.
This is not a Technical Assistance service: This is not a Technical Assistance service. It does not require our technicians to connect directly to the customer's systems for practical interventions or troubleshooting. Our role is to provide diagnoses, advice and recommendations based on the information provided and our technical knowledge.
Information consultancy: The service is intended as information consultancy. We rely on the information provided by the customer and our experience to make diagnoses and recommendations. The implementation of these suggestions and the management of the system remain the responsibility of the customer.
Resolution Guarantee: While we strive to provide the best support possible, we cannot guarantee that all problems will be identified and addressed.

If you still have any doubts about this service, please contact us via chat, contact form or telephone.

We value the trust our customers place in us and are committed to providing a service that reflects our high standard of quality and expertise in the Proxmox cluster industry.